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WHITECAP is a Morgan 34, yawl rig, owned by Dick Wedge from Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. WHITECAP's hull was purchased from Morgan Yachts and finished by Dick in 1969 and originally launched in 1970. She was then land based for a refit in 1988 and has undergone some extensive changes over the last 5 years. Her cabin was extended approximately 14" for more galley room; she had a teak deck installed, and many more things too extensive to mention here. Dick set out on September 20th, 1999 to take WHITECAP from PEI, up the Saint Lawrence Seaway, into the Great Lakes, through the Trent-Severn Canal, across the Lakes to Chicago and down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

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1.  View the Part of the Trip from Summerside, PEI to GUATEMALA - Sept '99 to April 11, 04

The entries below are regularly edited off this page and placed in the files under section 1 above.

Latest additions will appear at the top of the following paragraphs, in order by date & time (newest at the top).

Hi everyone
Monday, Mar 14, 07:00h 802F, not a cloud in the sky, did our internet thing early, their hours are 09:00 -18:00 daily and Sundays 10:00 - 14:00, so now we know. Stopped off at "Yankee Girl" to pickup/borrow  their suction pump. 
Tuesday, Mar 15, 06:25h 80F.  Plans today are to drain the tranny to see just what is in there.  LeRoy came over after breakfast, we spent most of the AM trying to get "Yankee Girl's" pump working.  No luck, frustrating!!! Spent an hour rigging up the new Yamaha tank hose to fit the Suzuki engine fitting... nothing is easy here, at home this would be a 5 minute job.
13:30h Luvi is going to town, Diego's school goes from 14:00h to 17:30h they have to deliver and pick him up every day, we have to go banco, so we hitch a ride.  At the ATM Dick gets Q1000,  Mary gets Q500 , Dick puts the wallet in the left front pocket where he has been carrying it for the last 50 years, (no back pocket bulge) walk to the Pharmacia for Band-Aids, then the mini-mall to look at sandals, back to Casa Guatemala for chicken 1/4rs (Mary paid), through the  fish market and Rio Bravo internet and pizza to Crowbar, went to pay, Dick's wallet missing, it fell out through a tear in his "wear to repair the engine only" old shorts pocket.  Run up the street, retrace steps looking everywhere along the street, does not look good!!  At the "Pollo take out" corner, a young girl taps Dick on the shoulder and made signs with her hands... then shows him his own drivers license!!   She reaches in her pocket and pulls out the missing wallet!  Intact!!!!. Dick plants a big kiss and hug on the young lady, and gives her Q300 for her honesty.  She is some proud, just beaming... maybe it was the kiss?  Stop at Bruno's to look around, tourists are everywhere. Cannot get a tuktuk, walk back over the bridge, bag by this time has 12 cans Victoria and 6 cans Aqua Tonica getting heavy.. nice breeze. 
Pack everything away, walk to Mar Marine for Happy Hour.  Nic and Sharon (our Brit Skype contact) on "Aswan" just arrived from England after 7 months, they are awful white!!.  Stu "Mixto Listo" (Spanish for cement mixer, his boat is Ferro cement) has a date?? Valeria, daughter of Ileana, who calls him "uncle Stu". The topic of discussion tonight is fuel  for the local ambulance (they do not have any). Dick offers up a bottle of "Queen Elizabeth gin" for a lottery to be drawn next Monday on the Rio Dulce net.
QE gin was made in Guatemala and has a large following amongst the gringo boating community, but is no longer available.  Whitecap had 2 bottles, we gave one away 2 years ago to Harry (QE is his favourite) at the "Tree of Knowledge" in Placentia, Belize.  The "Tree of Knowledge" has withstood every hurricane to pass through Placentia and has all kinds of flotsam and jetsam picked up along the beach hanging from it.  There are seats under in the shade, where you can relax and drink your QE drink of choice and take part in the evening philosophical discussions, Harry supplies the mix...
Wednesday March 16.  96F at 10:00h man this is a hot one today...Have decided Lottery tickets will be Q20 placed in a jar with your boat card, deposit as often/many as you wish. We will promote it tonight at Bruno's steak BBQ, Thursday at the St. Patrick's party at Dim Sum, and Saturday AM Swap meet  at Mario's Marina. Going to eat well this week...
Got the pump working but too hot for the bilge work!!
Here are some pics.  LeRoy balancing the new exhaust riser. A typical Guatemalan emergency brake!!.  Mark's condo above Capt'n Nemo's Internet. The Queen Elizabeth Gin lotto bottle  Mary's bruise, Dick got blamed...  The bandage covering the hole in Dick's finger. 

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 16:42:39 (EST)

Hi Everyone
Monday AM we were up at 03:00 and drove to the Ch'town airport in a snowstorm, just barely made the flight from Montreal to Miami where we had a 6 hr wait. Overnighted at the Hotel Spring US$30 and caught the 11:00 Litegua bus Tuesday, we arrived here at the boat about 16:00h unpacked, and today we are cleaning!!!. Five weeks and we will have to pack up again.

Going back, we have to overnight in Miami and fly into Ch'town on the 15th around 20:00h.

Temp here is 32C today. Mucho warmo. Soaking bumpers and dock lines in javex, called clorox here, to clean off the black moss and mildew.

Here are some pics.  Mary guarding the bags at the Litegua station.  Whitecap at the dock, Adios is the red boat just behind and our friend Mac on a Morgan OI30 "Slow'n Easy" on the outside end.  The reclaimed land Luvi did from the light post to the new wall after the unfriendly neighbour build the 10 ft high wall on his property line.  The rocks in the water used to be Mama's old "washing machine".  Notice the neighbour lady taking a bath (centre left) at the outside sink.  Breakfast at the Hotel Spring.

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 15:42:39 (EST)

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Log Updated Feb 1, 2002.

(The Log is only kept up when WHITECAP is actually underway)

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